Friday, December 26, 2008

after-Christmas sales!!

So, I got up nice and early this morning to hit the after Christmas sales. I must say, this year was MUCH less eventful than last year!! :) I got my Hallmark dated ornaments without any problems!! AND, I got some new sheets for our bed. I got a new purse and sweater I am returning, I don't need them and it's a waste of money right now. :) See?! I am being good!!

I am trying to be good, but it sure is hard!! We also saw the movie "Yes man" today, and it was pretty funny. I think we will take the little girls to the dollar theater tomorrow to see Beverly Hills Chiuahuaha... or however you spell that.... They have been asking to go! I will suffer through it for them!!

It is fun to watch the hubby enjoy his new Christmas gifts. I am glad he likes them. I got some new Cricut cartridges so I made some cards last night. That was fun. I love the holidays!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

So, this has been a great day.... so far. I am about to fix our big dinner that will last us through tomorrow. :) We started out going sledding. The 3 older girls were too lazy to get up and go with us. It was a BLAST. Then, we all went bowling. Brittany and Allie had to work, so we hurried home.

Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

So, last week I was thinking.... that it didn't quite feel like Christmas because there wasn't any snow. :) Looks like I got my wish, because I was wishing that it would snow so that there would be some snow on the ground for Christmas. Last year, we went sledding on Christmas Eve. I remember driving around looking for a sled, but not coming up with much. So, the 8 of us went sledding using the 2 sleds we did have, and we just took turns. It was fun, but this year everyone works on Christmas Eve, so looks like we won't get a repeat!! But don't worry, I bought more sleds when I found some, so if we do find time, we are good to go!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Just another manic Monday

Today is my mother-in-law's birthday. She is one of the nicest people I know. I remember being worried before I married my husband that she would hate me (because I had been married before and brought 4 children to the table with me.) She has never treated me, nor my children, any different than anyone else. She has always treated us like family, and with love and kindness. I am so grateful to have a great MIL like that.

If ANYONE in the world is deserving of some type of medal, it is her. She had taken on some trials in her life that has made her life manic, and she does it lovingly. (I might be bitter and overly-angry, but that is what makes her so great.)

I hope she can find the time, with caring for 5 small children that aren't her children, to enjoy her birthday. If not, maybe she can enjoy it later.

I had to take Miranda to the doctor today, she is sick. She was puking last weekend, this weekend she was coughing her head off. She is now on an antibiotic. I feel bad for her, but she still is in good humor. She even took her babydoll "Ross" to the doctor with her.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

M*** funny

So, M*** asks me, "Mom, how do Heavenly Father and Jesus make people?"

I told her it was through miracles.

So she asked, "Do they have magic wands for those?"

LOL, I guess they could have, but I doubt it!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas cookies...

So, we spent the day making cookies. I made 2 different kinds of chocolate chips, cranberry ones with oatmeal and white chips, and the peanut butter ones with the hershey's kisses. Tomorrow we do the sugar cookies. And, I made the rice krispy bars that are peanut butter flavored with the milk chocolate chips melted on top of it.

I am worn out!! It hurts your back to bend over the counter all day long!! All that effort, just to make us fat.... LOL! Christmas is a time of year to pig out!! :)

I am on call this week, so I got called out today. I was told I was looking for a gun. I grabbed a coat and took off. Little did I know, a horrible storm blew in. I didn't have gloves and was searching outside storage containers at an RV park, freezing to death!! I then went into the RV and searched there. I won't tell you what I touched!!! GAG!! I also found a bunch of drugs and other sickening things. The lead detective I was helping didn't search a single thing, he went to "process a scene." He returns as I finish searching the second RV to tell me that the gun wasn't missing after all, he found it in the nice, heated house he was in!!! Damn him!!!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

The tree is done!!!

So, we put the ornaments on the final tree. Every year the kids get a dated ornament from Hallmark. Ever since I was a single mother, I now get them the day after Christmas to save money. Last year, there was a little "incident" and that ornament now proudly hangs on this tree. :) The oldest one on the tree is from 1977, a tradition that my mother started when I was 7 years old. It is fun, but there is no longer room on the tree for all of the ornaments. I guess it is time for some kids to move out!! LOL
The rest of the house is decorated. Excuse the lazy dog sleeping on the folded laundry that Al*** has yet to put away!! And our stockings? They are MIA at the moment and nobody wants to climb in the crawl space and find them!! I will do it next weekend, when it is time to clean!!!
Last week, we got to see Native Minnow and his kids. My husband shared with NM's son, Togers, that he had lost a spelling bee in sixth grade because he spelled the hard words right but spelled believe as "beleive." He was so devastated that he cried on the stage, and cupped his hands under his face. His hands were all full of snot by the time it was over. My husband blew his chance to go to the advanced spelling bee.
If you cannot tell, the table that is decorated says "believe" in several places. Togers walked into my house and said, "what is up with all the stuff that says 'believe.' Is that so R*** can spell it right?" LOL, he has his dad's sense of humor!!!

Monday, December 01, 2008

That's my girl!!!

So, on Thanksgiving, my 8 year old A*** and my brother in law, Native Minnow (or NM from now on) had the following conversations:

NM: Hey (puts hand on middle of her back) how are you, A***?
A: Don't touch me..... and walks off. (Don't know where she gets the attitude from!!)

About an hour later.....

NM: A****, come check this out. (touches her arm)
A: Don't touch me.......

About another hour later.....

NM: A**** (touches her head)
A: I have told you 3 times now, don't touch me. It makes me uncomfortable.

LMAO, at least I taught her how to stand up for herself. But, that was supposed to be used on perverts and strangers, not poor Uncle NM!!!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas spunk?

I am soooo finished shopping for Christmas, AND it is ALL wrapped. I can now sit back and ENJOY the spirit of the season!!! I love this time of year. My BIL wanted to go to Temple Square, so we went last night. Besides being mugged after walking 7 blocks the wrong direction, it was fun. The lights are so beautiful and the spirit of Christmas abides. It was pretty crowded, and with a Jazz game that night parking was a nightmare... hence my walking blocks and blocks. I let everyone out and went to go find a parking spot. It only took me over an hour to park, get mugged, and then find the right way to walk and get there. It wasn't even that cold. And don't worry, by "mugged" I meant some guy tried to grab my purse, but he didn't get it. :) All in all, this was a great 4 days off.... and I got up all my decorations today except for the tree that we put the Hallmark ornaments on. That takes a long time because they are all in separate boxes.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Not to brag....

Well, I don't want to brag... but my Christmas shopping is DONE!!!! Woo Hoo!! And, to make it even more marvelous.... I am nearly done wrapping EVERYTHING too!! I am feel a tad bit elated at my status!! I even got Ryan nice things this year, though this year I spent a LOT less than usual.... mostly because I HAVE a LOT less than usual!! Whew... now I just have to work on paying it all off!! I started early to spread it around because I could not afford to be hit all at once.

I did participate in a little bit of Black Friday, but not early enough to get the really great deals. It's OK, I didn't really want anything from them. I did try to find one for my brother-in-law and all I saw were the remnants. It was ridiculous, it looked like feeding Tigers with their fresh kill. The box they brought out with the "deal" was torn and thrashed about, and emptied within a few minutes. It was not worth the assaults I would have endured so I watched and laughed. How ridiculous.... NO DEAL is worth that. Who would have thought that the "Molly Mormon stay-at-home moms" could be so vicious? LOL... it is nice to be done. Now I get to decorate for Christmas tomorrow......

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas preparations.....

So, I was trying to pace myself for Christmas this year. I LOVE Christmas. I love searching for the perfect gift for a love one, and their face when they open it up. (I even appreciate if the face is disappointment, or even better.... .HORROR.) LOL... anyway, I am half way done with Christmas shopping AND wrapping!! (Can I tell you how much I LOATHE wrapping those d*&% Littlest Pet Shop toys?)

Anyway, I am excited to get out the decorations this year... and to feel the atmosphere of the mall and stores. This year is a bad one, financially, for everyone. I feel bad, even the food banks are suffering. I hope people remember the less fortunate this year, even though that list of "unfortunate" is longer than usual.

As a side note, I saw Twilight last night. I will take a James for Christmas!! I am still disappointed that Edward is not more handsome, but he did a good job. He needs to do something with his eyebrows, though. He needs a spa eyebrow wax for Christmas!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My weekend

So, I had Super Saturday at church the other day, and I was in a rush to get my projects done so I could scoot out of there and visit with my husband's sisters in Salt Lake. We met them at the Sundance Catalog Outlet store, and we all had a good time. After I joined in on the annual ring shopping spree, we all ate dinner at Olive Garden. It was a good time. I worked on Sunday, and so did the hubby.

I am still trying to decide what to do for Thankgiving. I might just stay home alone. :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

8 things list

So I was tagged by Sally to do this list, so I thought that I would do it since I am sitting at my desk waiting for a warrant to serve... :)

8 TV shows I watch

1. Jay Leno
2. Conan O'Brien
3. There aren't any more!!! Who has time to watch TV?

8 favorite restaurants

1. Cafe Rio
2. Bajio
3. Red Robin
4. Applebees
5. Ruth's Chris
6. Hot Dog King
7. Carrabbas
8. Gloria's Little Italy

8 things that happened yesterday

1. I finished the book I was reading (Double Cross by James Patterson)
2. I made dinner after I got home from work
3. I worked all day.... busy day!!
4. I helped Abby with homework
5. I talked to my brother on the phone
6. I went to bed early!!!!
7. sorry... nothing else happened... it was busy but boring today

8 things I look forward to

1. the economy stabilizing
2. my older kids moving out so they stop bickering and realize how the "real world" is rather than just telling me how they think it is
3. grandchildren... in about 10 years
4. my youngest child starting school
5. retirement... only 8 more years!!!
6. my husband finishing his national test and being DONE with the last 8 years of heck!!
7. my children going to college and being successful
8. having time to read a book or visit with family

8 things on my wish list

1. a cruise with my husband
2. catching up on my scrapbooks
3. a scrapbook room!!!
4. a clean house... or a housekeeper that comes every so often!!
5. weight loss around my middle area..... (belly and thighs)
6. enough bills paid off so I don't have to worry about money
7. a holiday spent with my family.. (I am thinking next year to be with my family back East for Thanksgiving)
8. a trip abroad with my husband... and with my kids would be even better... if I could afford it!!

8 things I love

1. spending time with family
2. decorating my house for seasons and holidays
3. smell of freshly baked bread, apple crisp, etc.
4. babies (specifically the smell of newborns and the laughter of babies and children)
5. warm, sunny days
6. the beach
7. days out with friends
8. vacations with the kids

8 things I cannot stand

1. liars
2. people who think that they deserve to be given everything in live without having to work for it
3. people who hurt children
4. teenagers bickering and acting like they know everything
5. mean people
6. cooked vegetables, asian food, and gamey tasting meat
7. being cold
8. wet bathroom floors and clutter in my house!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

i hate snow....

I have had training in Salt Lake for the past few days, and today I woke up to snow!! Where it took us 20 minutes to get there the past 2 days, it took an hour and a half today. And when traffic is like that, there are always those entitled people that feel that their time is more valuable than everyone else's time, so they drive like a complete and utter asshole.. endangering everyone else on the road. It irks me, and they MAYBE get there 3 seconds before everyone that they passed so inconsiderately. I hate those driver!!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Weekend funnies....

I am having technical difficulties getting some Halloween photos out of the internal memory!! We had 3 floods this year, and the first one was the worst one. The carpet had to be replaced, and tomorrow is the day. Finally!! That one happened on July 3 and we are just now getting the carpet back in. How frustrating!!

We had to move the piano and a bunch of other heavy things, so Ryan was moving the piano with someone. He had to move his legs to the side to keep from hitting things, and Miranda yells, "look at Dad, he looks like a Penguin!!" Ryan had to walk with his legs to the side to get it moved. LOL .... It was cute.

Today, I was cleaning my closet and Abby came over and asked me what the word gay meant. I told her it meant happy and it was a not nice word to describe it when boys like other boys and girls like other girls and that they kiss each other. * (Even though it isn't a nice word, that doesn't keep me from using it sometimes.) :) Anyway, she asked me if I was sure it didn't mean that someone was HOT and TEMPTING?** I told her that I was sure it didn't. She replied, "well, then I have to tell some of the girls at my school that they are mistaken.... because they think that is what it means."

* I had to be a little more descriptive since she is so young and I didn't want her to think that she is gay because she has "girl friends."

** Disturbing that 7-8 year old girls would want to use a term that would describe someone as hot and tempting!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

The earring photos!!

So, when Abby saw Miranda crying, she cried.

But when it was all over, they LOVED them and the crying subsided. This is overexposed because I grabbed the wrong camera... Miranda's photo was worse. I will post better ones tomorrow!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ear piercings....

So, the two small girls have been asking and asking to get their ears pierced. We finally let them do it last night. By tonight, the tears have dried up and they are proudly wearing around their earrings... but it was a trip to get to this point.

Miranda went first, and she cried so Abby had to cry. She finally stopped crying until Abby got her first ear pierced and then it started all over again. Then, before bedtime it was a struggle to get them to allow me to touch them so that I could clean them. I gave them both a chance to back out, even while they were sitting there getting the dots drawn on, but neither wanted to get down and forget it.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


A Ped Egg is a great foot exfoliator. It looks like a cheese grater, and it removes dead skin from your feet. Of course, they have commercials on TV, hence my 8 year old knows all about it.

She came down to me today and informed me that my husband needs one and she made the following declaration:

"Mom, dad needs to use your Ped Egg. You know that gross, dead skin on the bottom of his feet? Well, he ripped a hole in your sheets."

The sad thing is, what she said is true... he did rip a hole in my sheets with his feet. And they were kinda expensive sheets. :)


So.... I am doing laundry today after I got home from work. I have the twins' dirty clothes basket and I find a pair of Ryan's "normal" underwear in there that he wears while he is playing basketball. :) Sorry, Ryan, it is imperative information. Anyway, I hold them up and ask the twins, "why are your dad's underwear in here?"

The look on Br***'s face was priceless. She informed me that she has been wearing them and that they are comfy because they are not "restrictive on her legs," but she wondered "why there was so much room in the crotch area." A*** and I laughed so hard that our abs hurt.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Facebook virgin.....

So, I just opened a Facebook account. I have never used it before, and I really don't have time to be looking at yet another website.... but I did it anyway. And, as I was looking through my daughters' profiles I see a kid that we caught sending pictures of his um..."member" to kids. That makes a mom feel proud!! I just about had a coronary.

As a side note, I HATE cold weather... and I was NOT ready for it... :(

Monday, October 20, 2008


So, Hepatitis shots (both A and B) come in a series of shots. You have to get one, wait about a month and get the second one, then get the third one six months later. So, I get one for her, and return in the next month to get her the second one.

I show up and the nurse tells me that they are out of them. I return 2 weeks later, and am told again that they are out of them. The doctor stops me in the hall to ask about my son's surgery earlier this year, and he asks why I am there. I explain, and he tells me that he was sure that he saw some of the shots in the refrigerator.

The nurse shakes her head and says there aren't any. The doctor insists that he just saw a bunch of them in the refrigerator, and the nurse shakes her head and says that they are only for Medicaid patients. The doctor tells her to give me one, anyway.

How is it that it has come to this? How is it that I am paying for my medical services and I am refused them, but someone that gets them for free is allowed to have them? It makes me sick... I am not the only one this has happened to, I heard about it happening to someone else before it happened to me, too. So injust.....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

another day, another dollar

So, I have had a tough case at work this week.... and my house let it show. To add to the tension of the case, the worst child abuse and neglect case we have EVER seen..... we are having to cut our budget so badly that it is rumored that we have to lay off or move to the jail about 14 employees. They are demoting Lt's, and not replacing some that have just quit. It is sad, we barely have enough staff to deal with issues.

Our commissioners have mishandled our money. They also say they cannot justify a force as large as our for a mere 17,000 homes that are in the areas we patrol. What they are not considering, is the MILLIONS that come from Salt Lake and spend time in our canyons, driving through on their way to the sand dunes, etc. MOST of our enforcement comes from that. I, alone, arrested 48 DUI's, over 500 alcohol offenses, 397 drug arrests, etc. last year .... all by myself. Our department gets money from every ticket we write, a percentage. The average drug ticket is a thousand dollars, $500 each for the possession and paraphernalia. You usually cannot have one without the other, because the packaging is considered paraphernalia. The county stands to lose even more money.

Our commissioners suck.... and they need to be held accountable for their mismanagement. They even laughed and said, "Oh, and I guess we missed the deadline to raise property taxes. Oh well.... " and started laughing about it. We pay taxes on the level of Sanpete County, but we are nearly as large as Salt Lake County.... we don't have enough money to continue operating. Sad that they are getting away with it. I hope the newpaper finds out and reams them for it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

please help

Will someone please tell my husband that it is very rude and inconsiderate to people you live with if you just take off and don't tell anyone you are leaving. Not to mention that he rarely answers his cell because he cannot hear it. Two days in a row he has taken off and I am searching the house but cannot find him. About an hour later he comes walking in like everything is normal and I am furious. I needed to ask him something and the younger girls and I were searching all over the house. GRRRR.. maybe I am wrong, but I think it isn't very nice.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Gotta love it!!

I have to say (especially to Native Minnow as he shares my love of Banana Cream Pie) that the Banana Cream Pie milkshake from Carl's Junior is incredible!!! Also, I am proud of myself. I have been collecting scrapbook packets and paper for forever. I have done HALF of the packets and try to do one every night since they have sat there for over a year!! I plan to have the packets and paper used up by the time it takes me to save enough money to buy new stuff!! I might actually have somewhere to put all the photos I have printed out!! Native Minnow, if you come down this weekend we will try to bring you a caramel apple... just let us know.

Amber, I cannot look at your blog!! Can you send me access? PLEASE? Thanks!!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I got all excited putting up my Halloween decorations!! I love Halloween. What is there NOT to love about binging on unlimited amounts of candy, candy corn, CARAMEL APPLES, and getting all dressed up. Scaring people is fun, too.... :) Caramel apples are my favorite. I had Ryan take me to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for one about a month ago. They were out and I have still been craving one!! I need to go get me one!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Weekend plans ruined?

So, for conference weekend, especiallly since I have EARLY church, I enjoy hanging around the house in my pajamas and listen to conference on the TV while I scrapbook. I have done it for years, so long as I did not work a night shift the night before and was sleeping during the conference.

This year, I have a bunch of packets to do and was looking forward to it. I also have a demolition derby to attend on Saturday in Tooele. So.... I get to enjoy the weekend. My dad called last week to tell me that he and his wife will be visiting from Friday until past the next weekend, basically 10 days. I am glad to have them, but I cannot scrapbook and spend the time ignoring them.

Of course, my step mother enjoys Rod Works, Tai Pan, and the places like that. I usually delight in taking her, but I have been avoiding those places like the plague so I am not tempted to spend money I do not have. I will take her, but I WILL BE GOOD. I still might scrap a little this weekend, but not much since I cannot do it and interact with others at the same time. Wish me luck at my two favorite stores and not spending any money!! :) I am sure I will need it.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

photo of the wreck

She claims it wasn't a wreck because she was "run off the road." You cannot see the drop off, but it is a steep one!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Four year old mentality

I heard Miranda giving the dogs a treat, and they obediently waited their turn. She was exiting the kitchen (where the treats are kept) and comes in to where I was scrapbooking, the dogs follow waiting for more.

Miranda: Look, they are learning.
Me: The dogs? What are they learning?
Miranda: That I am their leader.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Can you believe this?

I have to find a way to get a photo off of my phone and onto here....

So, Kaila wrecks the van. She is driving around the Alpine Loop, up where the road narrows. She had to scoot over to allow room for a passing truck and trailer, and went off the side of the road. The shoulder there is only 3 inches, and it catches your tire and pulls you off the road. I get this photo from one of her coworkers that I know. The van is hanging over a cliff with a huge, steep dropoff. The van is being held up by a small tree.

I am not happy that she wrecked the van, but it could have happened to any of us. I am just glad that the tree stopped it, or else everyone would be coming over for a funeral. It is so scary. I thank Heavenly Father for the tree....

Friday, September 26, 2008

Letter from an 8 year old...

I returned home from work late.. or I should say early because it was 4:30 in the morning. I foun the following note from my 7 year old on 3 sticky notes stuck together on my dresser. She said,

"Dear Mom, I got emberstx (embarassed) at school and I want to move. Or be home schooled. I wold like to be home schooled."

That is the cutest thing ever. Poor baby!! Apparently, she freaked out when she saw a bee at school so all of the kids made fun of her. I am going to go kick their little asses..... they hurt her feelings....

Never buy a timeshare.....

I guess I should not say never buy a timeshare, but NEVER buy one from Miner's Club!! They misrepresented it when we bought it originally, by telling us we could use one week a year, any time we wanted so long as there was a room available. You could reserve them up to 2 years in advance. If you could not use it, you could rent it out... they tell us.

So, we buy it thinking that we would use it. We have a HUGE book full of other resorts we can use. The year after we buy it, they change it and we can only use it during weeks 14-18 and 38-48. So, tell me... who wants to ski the last week of April through the first week of May. Or the end of October through the first week of December? NOBODY!!

If you try to use the resorts in the HUGE book, you spend nearly an hour on the phone getting transferred around, you pay $39 to use your points from last year, and if you are letting someone use it, another $49 for a guest fee. When you actually check in, you pay a $55 housekeeping fee... for them to clean when you leave... and if you want CLEAN TOWELS every day, a mere $14 a day will get you some. Be sure to wash all of your dishes before you leave, or you will be charged extra.

What is my $610 annual fee use for? It is supposed to be a maintenance fee... like maybe housekeeping? What a crock and a scam. We cannot afford to use it, nor can we rent it because the times are so stupid. I hate this place, they are crooks. Miner's Club is a scam!! This is one of the biggest regrets of my entire life. Oh, and I did some research and had a company recommended by several realtors to sell it for us. They charged $600 to sell it, and it is "guaranteed" to sell. ANOTHER SCAM. It is guaranteed to sell, but it make take 10 years to sell it. I want my money back from them, too!!! GRRRRRR!!!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh my gosh!!

Teenagers are killing me!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

days off!!

Wow, I think I just set some type of record. Other than when I was on vacation that I had to use or I would lose it... I just had 3 days off in a row!! I haven't done that in a long time. :) I read 2 books, cleaned the carpets, conditioned the leather couches, cooked some stuff to put together quickly later, did some scrapbooking, made it to all 3 hours of church, and helped kids with homework. Wow, is that what being a real mom feels like?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gotta love it

So, I saw my youngest outside riding her tricycle. She came back in and I told her, "I saw you riding your trike outside. You are getting very good at riding it." She looks as me and asks, "was I speeding?" LOL......

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!

Today is our 9 year anniversary!! I am grateful that my husband has been able to put up with me, my hectic work schedule, and my children for the past nine years!! He has certainly secured his place in heaven with his sacrifice!! We are officially poor... but I got him a CD and some chocolates, and he got me some shoes I wanted. We did lunch on Saturday at Red Robin. Better than nothing!! We might do something tonight. I do still have some free movie tickets!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

the dilemma....

So, we have a 4 month old that dies from being shaken, thrown, and punched by the father. It is lying there on life support to preserve the organs while we make a decision. There is a baby lying right next to it that needs a heart to live, and the babys are a match. If we take the heart from the shaken baby, it messes up our case against the father due to the fact that we cannot perform a complete autopsy on the baby. If we don't give the other baby this heart, it will die.

Seemed like a no-brainer to me... but we had to argue about it all morning yesterday. The "give the baby the heart it needs and we will do what we can to prosecute the father" club finally won out. I think that there is enough physical evidence without a complete autopsy to put this guy away for a long time. But, this is a very lenient county so who knows....

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

media makes me mad

So, I arrested a guy on Friday. The media sees his booking sheet and the charges. This was a delayed rape case. They assume it just happened and it is all over the news with inaccurate facts reported in conjunction with it. That is so annoying. And, I requested he have a high bail as he is faces the same charges and worse in 2 other jurisdictions, and his bail is only $10,000. He can get $1,000 and get out. That is not high!! Work can be so frustrating.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

maybe things are looking up?

So, the guy came to cut a carpet sample so they could replace it with the original carpeting. They cut a one foot square out of the room next to Chase's room. :) Soooo, they are now replacing the carpet in the hallway and that weird I-have-no-idea-what-kind-of-room-this-is room next to his for free!! That is where the damage was from the last flood and I was just going to have them replace the padding and clean the carpet. Sweet.

Also, the Yardley's received a fresh bout of beef from their family and didn't have enough room in their freezer for it all. We were the lucky recipients of a lot of beef!! (I had looked into buying half of one to save money, but it was nearly $700 for half!!!) So, maybe things are looking up.

Lastly.... and this kinda irritates me... we have these incentive programs at work for our health insurance. It requires that we do quarterly activities. If you participate in the competition ones... which are more work than the seminars, then you get put in a drawing at the end. I always sign up hubby and do all of his tracking for him so I get the bonus in my check. (They give us $20 for employees and $10 for spouses to participate as a way of reimbursement for the ultra-high deductible we have every year.) Anyway, there is always a drawing for prizes at the end of the competitions for various prizes ranging from water bottles to VISA giftcards. Well, hubby won a $100 gift card in May, and he won another one this time!! He graciously told me I could have it to buy myself an anniversary gift. :)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Fall is in the air....

The crispness in the morning is now evident. Though apple crisp is a good reason to love fall... since it signifies the end of summer... I hate it. I am not ready for summer to be over. I feel like I didn't get to enjoy it very much. :( And I am most certainly not ready for snow.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Enough is enough

So, since July 3 I have had 3 house floods. (A kitchen sink pipe broke and molded out Chase's room, an irrigation pipe burst, and hot water heater flooded right outside of Chase's room.) Of course, the first flood reported to my home insurance has a $1000 deductible.. and they threw away a lot of Chase's things... including his mattresses... then told me my insurance will not cover contents for mold. On top of that was the repair bill also not covered by insurance. The second was only the cost of the repair and no damage occurred except that it happened on the first day of my 2 1/2 week vacation.

Also on that first day, my cell phone broke. It would make no audible noises so I could not hear the guy calling to tell me that it had broken and was filling up the window wells. We got that taken care of. The lawnmower broke. We even tried to borrow one to mow yard, but neighbors were using theirs. Ryan's starter went out on his car. Then the hot water heater busted. I sucked up over 7 buckets of water and tried to dry it out with fans. I am not sure if what I did was sufficient, but I am trying to not have another claim. I will have to pay for the padding to be replaced myself.

I also painted Chase's room myself. They did not bother to tell me that I had to order new carpet for his room. So, we still have not put his room back together. Some of his room contents got wet during the other flood. It is annoying. Then, K*** took the van offroad where I told her to NEVER take the van.... and she put a 4 inch gash in one of the tires. First she could not find the spare, then found it but it was flat, so hubby had to go get the tire, take it down and replace it, and return up there. That little stunt will cause me 2 tires and an alignment. What else? I cannot handle any more. Hence, I worked alcohol shifts all weekend long to try to pay for the "misfortunes." UGH!!!!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

WV times

So, I am here in WV for my 20 year class reunion. There isn't much to do here, except for visit relatives. :) I am OK with that, but the kids have been bored and I hear about it often. I have learned that:

1. M** and Ab*** do NOT like the bugs at the playground.
2. However, M** and Ab** DO LOVE the fireflys. ( I call them lightning bugs. :) They like to catch and release them.
3. When in humid climates, it feels like you have to breath through peanut butter.
4. Time has NOT been good to all of us. There are people I used to hang out with that I did not even recognize. Some did not change at all!! (Skinny bitches!!)
5. It is nice to see what people have been doing, what they turned out like, and such. But, with a class of almost 600 people, there are a lot that I don't even know. The big dinner is tonight, in about an hour... so I had better get dressed.

We are leaving tomorrow afternoon for Charleston, SC, and after a few days we are off to Florida.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


So, I have tried to add links to various other person's blogs that I like to look at, because it is hard to have to keep typing in their entire addresses. I added them to the template on dashboard, and they are not showing up. I thought that I might have had a typo, so I copied and pasted, then just changed the name part... it is STILL not working. So, to those of you whose links do not show up.... that is why I haven't looked that much at your blogs.... and SORRY!! I am still working on it,.... but it is rather frustrating....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


To update the previous post, I learned that the Mexican consulate buried her children for free. No wonder she had PLENTY of money left over..... Makes me even more angry....

I was out patrolling Utah Lake on wave runners. I had returned to our boat of back-up persons (the State Parks guys) and was waiting for my sgt and other coworker to return. Well, here comes my sgt. He didn't realize how fast he was going and before I knew it, his wave runner was on top of my, I was jolted off of mine and landed with my back against the State Parks boat. I had to go to the ER and get a cat scan (guess what? I DO have a brain in there.) I am bruised up, and cannot sleep well. I also can hardly put pants on. Might look funny when I am in court tomorrow, so I will suffer through it. I prefer to not get a lewdness charge. :)

And, lastly, I am moving to a detectives position in the Sex Crimes unit, effective Saturday the 26th. This will be a very challenging, yet rewarding, position for me. And, there goes my overtime, so finances will be worse off.... so the kids had better start learning to do without. Luckily, I have been acquiring suits from thrift stores, so I have a few to get started with. I will now wear suits to work, and will switch to an unmarked vehicle. Kinda excited to not have to wear a vest to work, everyday!!

Friday, July 11, 2008


There was recently an accident in a local canyon that was one of the worst I have seen. Two children were ejected from the vehicle and killed. Their mother was the at-fault driver, and had pulled out in front of another vehicle. The mother had no driver's license, no insurance on her vehicle, and is in our country illegally. She drove a beat up 4 door sedan. During the accident, the officers endured a constant slew of foul language and insults from her while they struggled to attend, medically, to her injured children and her nephew that was later transported by life flight. The poor man she pulled out in front of was due more sympathy. He felt so wretched, even though it wasn't his fault, because he had just hit a car. (I also should mention, the kids were ejected from the car because she neglected to have them in seat belts, let alone the one required a car seat, and there wasn't one.)

Last night, the mother was driving down the road.... again with no license and no insurance. She had 4 warrants for her arrest, all for driving with no license and no insurance. This time, she was driving a Lincoln Escalade with souped up rims, leather interior, and the works. How did she afford this $80,000 vehicle? With the fund set up by the public for her at the bank, so she could bury her children. I guess there was some left over..... I just wanted to make the gullible public aware..... it makes me angry. There are others who try to help themselves that deserve this more than this lady.... Oh, and she had just left the jail where she had bailed her sister's husband out of jail. I am sure she had enough to post bail for herself.... so don't worry.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Why me?

I had resolved to do better at posting stuff, and then.....

Our air conditioner broke and make the floor in front of the heater SOAKING wet. I did what I could, but the padding under the carpet had to removed and carpet is STILL wet.....

To make it worse, I went downstairs to retrieve some Fourth of July decorations. I noticed a weird smell, and determined Chase's bedroom as the cause. I told him to deep clean it. He comes upstairs with some blankets, soaking wet and full of mold. He tells me that his wall is bubbled, black, and molded.... as is the carpet under his bed.

HELLLLOOOO? Do you not know when there is a TON of mold in your room? His clothes that were on the floor are ruined, as are the matresses in his room. I had a hard time finding someone that would insure our house, due to the pool. I am sure that it will be gone after this one. The plumber (who I called first) said he could not open the wall as all of the mold spores would dissipate all over the house.

So, I thought that they (the restoration company my insurance made me call) had already called the "mold specialist"who is required by law to take mold samples and make a plan to remove it...due to the fact that it is over 10 square feet. I thought that they had already cut the wall away, as there is a big sign stating you could not enter Chase's room. Well, it is still there.

The plumber cut a small hole, initially, and told me that he thought that it was the kitchen sink that was leaking, and to not use it for a while. So, we have been without a kitchen sink since Thursday. It is starting to get old. There are 8 people that eat here!! The mold guy came today, and it will take 2-3 days for him to finish the assessment and write the removal plan. It will be another 2-5 days actually getting it taken out.

They said they had not called the mold guy prior to today because they weren't sure if my insurance would cover it, or not. Well, DUH!! Even if they don't cover it, it has to be removed. I can't just lock up my basement and never go down there again. I am irritated, can you tell? The best news? My house insurance deductible is $1,000, the AC repair was almost $700, and he has to return next week to fix the AC because my duct work is too small, causing it to freeze up because the blower is working harder than it has to!! $$$$$ Grrrr, I cannot ever seem to have smooth sailing....

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Gotta love summer!!!

So, I love summer, but I don't necessarily like it in my uniform. That vest gets HOT!! I had to work at UVUtopia the other night, and they had these country singers there. YUCK!! So, I have no idea who they are, but it was Josh Gracon, Collin Raye, and Joe Nichols. Josh and Joe were easy on the eyes, Joe was tall, Josh was buff.... so I am backstage with them, helping someone who turned out to be Collin Raye's manager.

Josh Gracon started talking to me, and the girls at the perimeter were freaking out. Two girls were just standing there, and I asked him if he cold go over and take a photo with them since they were not being obnoxious. He told me to bring them back, if I wanted to. I went and got them, and took them backstage. He put his arms around them and I took pictures. They went back out. They were so grateful, it was my good deed for the day.

Afterwards, I got an invitation to his hotel room. I informed him that I was old and married. He tells me, "well, it's my drummer's room. He's older than me and I thought that you might want to come and hang out." I was a little offended, but then he explained that they all hang out in his room because it is a larger room. I know I am OLD, but geesh....... He also explained that they are all married, but people always come and hang out in their rooms.

He said they like to learn about the area, and was asking me questions about a recent fatal accident in Provo Canyon involving a female, BYU athelete. He told me he had researched the area a little, and always does before going to a new area. He was very nice, and went over and talked to a lot of the fans. Too bad it was country music. :)

Monday, June 30, 2008

run in with Ventura police.....

So, while in Santa Barbara, I could not resist going to the thrift stores in Ventura while the kids were at the beach on a COLD day. I dropped them off and headed over. I had to park my vehicle next to a local park because I drove around a while and all the spaces were full by the thrift stores. When I was returning with my treasures, this homeless guy tells me that I owe him $10.

He tells me it is because someone was going to urinate on my door handle, and he stopped him. Apparently, he charges a $10 fee for protecting my vehicle. I didn't have it, so I told him too bad but I didn't have $10. He then pulled out his THING and started peeing on my vehicle, getting closer and closer to my door handle.

He was getting close to it, so I had to do SOMETHING. I thought I would rather have pee on my foot than my hand when I had to get in the Xterra, so I kicked him in the groin from in front. (kicking him from under would have landed pee in my face.) He hit the ground, and I ran to the park bathroom and washed my foot and found an empty cup that I filled with water and rinsed off my Xterra.

The man was still in a fetal position when I rinsed off the vehicle and slowly backed out to avoid hitting him. I was pulled over by Ventura police:

Police: Ma'am, did you just kick a guy in the groin?
Me: Sure did.
Police: Would you like to explain yourself?

So I told him what happened. He laughed, and asked me to fill out a statement so he could take the guy to where they drop off the mentally ill. I had to tell him I was an officer because he asked to see my ID and I had a gun with me, in my purse. That was at the end of the conversation. He decided he didn't want to see it, and said he had an urge to call my boss and tell him I was a hard ass, but he said he was sure he already knew that. I am NOT a hard ass, I just will not allow someone to do those things to me, or anyone else for that matter, if I can help it. I kinda felt bad, the guy was homeless and obviously was mentally challenged. But I HATE germs, and I DON'T do bodily fluids!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Home again....

Well, I survived the week with the girls. I am worn out, though!! I am glad we came home when we did, they didn't really start making crazy until the last day. They were pretty good, for the most part. I was just the taxi cab.

While I was gone, I was pondering some embarassing and humiliating things my kids have said, out loud, in public....

Mi*** (pointing at a man in Wal-Mart and yelling really LOUD) "look at that man, mom. He is UGLY. Do you see the UGLY man, mom?

A** (when she was 2 years old, and at the beach, a little african-american girl says "hi" to her) "Mom!! That monkey said hi to me." (just let me die now, I thought... as her dad headed my way with an angry look on his face)

B** and A** used to always offer this proposal when going through a fast food drive through "Do you want to come home with us and be our dad?"

K**, age 2, "look at that lady mom, she has a biggy, biggy butt." It WAS HUGE!!

There are numerous more, but those were the worst that came to mind. :) Gotta love what comes out of their mouths, sometimes.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Gotta love summer

So, the twins are in summer school, K** is working full-time, C** and Al** are working part time, and the little ones are bored every day. I finally got the pool cleaned up and in shape, and the hot tub is fixed. If only I had time to use them. I have been working a lot, and next Sunday I leave to take 5 teenage girls to Santa Barbara for their senior trip. I hope I live through that one......

my privacies.......

So, my 7 year old daughter asked me, "Mom, were you bleeding a lot when dad cut your privacies so that M** could come out?"

Me: Yes, I was.

Her: Well, I will make sure that I have a baby with a small head, then.

Out of the mouths of babes......

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Already replacing me?

I was packing for a business trip in Miami and my 3 year old came in to help me. Besides moving things I needed to take into a "I am not taking you pile" she turned to me and asked, "So, now who is going to be my mom?" It was sad, but I assured her I would be home in a few days... unless I get shot here. Makes me grateful to live in Utah.....

Monday, April 21, 2008

remodel again.....

So, I had to use my days off for the good of the house. I have to redo the white part of the fireplace. I am going to put slate and/or tile around it. But, I think it looks much better. I am making the curtains and some pillows to match because we got new couches but the pillows are the old ones that went with the other couch. Things are coming right along!!! The darker color is the new paint. I tore down the double chair rail and painted it with Ralph Lauren suede paint. I LOVE that paint!!

Monday, April 07, 2008

curtain... please....

I had a dilemma. I cannot afford blinds in the windows on the East side of my house, but in the spring and summer the sun heats up the house in the early morning, and the air conditioner struggles to catch up all day long. Sooooo..... my blessed friend, J***, offered to help me make some curtains. My hubby says that he never gets to decide anything about the inside of the house, so he chose the material. I sewed some of the sides (don't look closely at them, the sewing maching kinda got away from me sometimes.) :) But, I think that they look cute, and we can close them when it is warm to keep the morning sun out, but they are not so thick that no light can get in.

Now, if the weather would just get warm so I can test them out, I would appreciate it. I am sick of snow and cold!!! So, the first photo is after, and the second one is what it looked like before!! Please excuse the stuff on the table, I was sealing the counter tops and had to move everything. :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

When government workers daydream......

I work with a guy that works with the Forest Service. He was being transferred to San Francisco, and was talking about things he would miss. He mentioned the Woodsy the Owl and Smokey Bear costumes, and he would NOT miss wearing those. I asked him if he would like to wear them if he could do whatever he wanted, and I set up the following scenario:

(first you have to know that there are fire restrictions in July and August where you cannot have fires in the canyons during this time due to extreme fire dangers.)

Me: What if you could put it on and we could work up a sting?
Him: What kind of sting?
Me: Well, I could come up on a fire and tell them that Smokey the Bear would be upset to see it.. and then you come out of the woods with a shovel and start freaking out and start pounding the fire with the shovel and going beserk.
Him: I will do it if you put on the Woodsy the Owl costume and join in the fun. You could starting kicking their litter that is lying about and pick it up and throw it at them.
Me: OK, but you know we will end up on youtube.
Him: Yeah, and then we will get fired. But hey, it will be a good time.

It was a good thought while it lasted. Being the party pooper for a living can be a drag, at times.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

home renovations

So, I decided that if we were to dig out our crawl space, it would make a GREAT place to store our food storage that I have recently gotten serious about doing. So..... I asked Ryan to help me (and I am lucky enough that he obliged me.) Here are the beginning photos.... so we can log the progress. Of
course, I bought cheap, plastic buckets that already broke, so I had to go and get new ones. I was afraid to buy them too big as they would be too heavy to carry out. The "door" is up off the ground about 4 feet, making shuttling in and our very difficult. We want to cut it to make it a big door, but we think it is a weight bearing wall, so we will have to reinforce the heck out of it. Plus, then we will have to cut a concrete wall. So, we have started, anyway. We took a day off, husband already gave himself a blister. I have to admit, though, pounding the rocks and dirt is kinda fun. :)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I am getting old

Besides the fact that I am old enough to have a child graduating from high school this year, I just had to go buy some new eye lotion. I had to get stuff for what I used to call old ladies, because I am now becoming one. How depressing. My 20 year class reunion is this summer, so I am feeling old.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I am woman!!!

So, I called my husband to tell him I had fixed our new computer so that now the internet works. And, I also informed him that I had fixed our dryer. The vent hose had come off, and it was making a mess all over and fogging up our windows when we used it. My husband said, "wow, you make a great husband." LOL, he was just too busy, so I did it.

Monday, February 18, 2008

weight watcher reject

Just after Christmas I went to Weight Watchers. I am not saying I am obese, I just need a lose a few pounds to be in my "healthy" range. Also, I do not eat well at all. I was mostly going to learn to eat better. So, I go in and pay my fees, and I am waiting to talk to another person. The first lady comes over and hands me my check, and it is torn to shreds. She just hands it to me, and the following conversation ensues:

her: here you go (hands me the check) you can go now
me: i haven't gotten my stuff yet
her: i gave you your check back, you need to leave now
me: why?
her: you just need to leave
me: i haven't gotten my stuff yet, what is the problem
her: just leave
me: (as I was leaving) you are about rude!! did you ever stop to consider that some people don't know how to eat right and just need to learn to eat more healthy?

I was about to say much worse, but there were other patrons in there and I didn't want to make them feel bad. I was so hurt.... and pissed off!!!! She could have at least nicely said why I had to leave and then I would have. What was the problem? I wasn't overweight enough? That should not matter, I need to learn to eat better. And besides, money is money, right?

Kid funny....

I have been saving the "pop" tabs from soda cans for my Sgt. His nephew had cancer in his leg, so they had to remove the bone. He has a replacement, but it has to be replaced often as he is growing. He is 7 years old. Primary Children's Hospital gives them a credit to their account to offset the cost of his surgeries for each tab they bring in. My youngest pulled one off and brought it to me, exclaiming, "for broken leg." It is only funny because it is so innocent.

If there are too many surgeries, they will remove the entire top of his leg, put his knee into his hip backwards so his foot faces backwards, making his ankle his new knee. Then, they can put a prosthetic on his foot..... so sad......

Monday, February 11, 2008

Why I will not get a Mother of the Year award

I always use sarcasm, I really don't know how to NOT use it. However, there are some times my filter should have kicked on but did not.

Blunder #1.... My son has to have surgery at Primary Children's Hospital to have some cysts removed. They have no idea what they are or what is causing them. My son asks, "mom, is this serious? Am I going to die?" I replied, "Noooo, not without a lot of expensive and painful tests and treatments first."

Blunder #2..... One of my twins was bragging that she would soon be 17 years old. I replied, "yeah, and then I lose you as a tax deduction, so you are pretty much useless to me after that."

And this is all in one week.... to finish it off:

One of my children lost her first tooth. I stopped and got "Tooth Fairy" money on my way home from work...... yep, you guessed it, I then forgot to put it under her pillow. She had slept on my floor in my room, so I told her that the Fairy must have been confused and left it in her room. She told me she had already checked. DANG!! I went in and put it in her pillowcase, then pointed out that she should check there as it is dark and the Fairy is just feeling around in the dark. Her face lit up when she found it, but she was disappointed for hours while she thought she had been forgotten. Whew!! I barely rescued that one.......

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Computer problems...

My work computer (laptop) and my house computer both broke at the same time. I just got my work one up and running. I bought a new one for the house, but I had to pay for it today to get the sale price, and it will be here next week. I am making the kids each donate some to the new one, since they are ones that broke it. Maybe that is too mean, but I don't care..... :) I am hoping they will think next time before they ruin this one too.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Doggie deeds, done dirt cheap...

So, our Yorkie is so cute, I decided he should spread the good genes around. I put an ad in a local newspaper, and studed him out. (Pimp doggy dog.) :) So, a few people have answered, and I have not received any money because I didn't want any until I was certain he wasn't sterile. In the process, I think that I have been taken on one deal, and am hopeful on the second. The ad ran out, and the interest stopped. I just reposted the ad, and my phone is ringing off the hook again. I am going to figure out how to do it differently, otherwise, he is not a stud, but a free one night stand!!!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

if we die....

My husband and I have been in a discussion, lately, about what would happen if we were to die, or if one of his siblings were to get killed in an accident. This brought about, of course, through a course of action my mother in law is facing. Here is what we decided:

If his oldest sister and her husband were to pass away, and she wanted us to take her kids, we would happily do it. We would bring them here to live with us, and we would sell her house and put the profit in accounts for them to use when they were in college (or older.)

If his younger brother were to pass away, and his ex-wife also, we would also happily raise those children.

If we pass away, his oldest sister offered to take them, but asked if she could live here. My work offers additional life insurance, and I am insured for $300,000 and Ryan for half of what I am. This should give whomever enough money to pay off our house, and they are welcome to stay here. :) But, they might have to buy a bus!!!

why .....

I love my kids, but this is why they are a pain in my behind....

  • They have broken my computer, thus I now have NO access to the internet. Hence, I have not yet put up some new photos of my trophy and Valentine stuff... I cannot use my computer at home. This is my work computer, and it has no drive for my SD card.
  • I keep asking them to NOT eat in my living room because they dropped food on my carpet and caused my Mastiff to eat a hole in the carpet. But, they keep doing it, anyway.
  • My house is always a disaster. What is so hard about cleaning up after yourself?
  • They are so expensive, if they would stop eating, I would be rich......

I love them, but man they make life harder...... :)

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bitch meets her match.....

So, the holiday season is over and it is the day after Christmas. I need to get to the local Hallmark store to get my half off dated Christmas ornaments. I have an hour before they open, so I run into the craft store to quickly grab one item and return. There aren't many cars out front, so I am sure I am a shoe-in to get out quickly. I grab my item and wait in line to pay....

There is a well-dressed older woman in front of me. She is rummaging through her goodies in her basket. There are only 2 cashiers, so I have a long wait. I walk in front of my cart to look at some Cricut cartridges when the lady in front of me shoves me back so hard that I hit my cart, the one behind it, the lady behind that, the cart behind her, and the lady behind that one. I give her a crusty stare, but chalk it up to entitlement (she looked rather well off, I am sure I was beneath her.) I discovered that the purpose to the shove was to get her second cart, which was 5 feet away from me.

She proceeds to not move with the line, and when she does she does not take the second cart. I didn't want to be rude and ram my cart into hers to push it, so I walked it up to her. Upon returning to my cart, I felt her cart bounce off my legs. I turned to her glaring at me and telling me "I will thank you kindly to keep your hands off my things." Psycho. When I left, she was talking down to the cashier like he was crap for charging her $17 for a wreath she insisted was $12.

I make it to the Hallmark store with 10 minutes to spare. I am waiting outside and 2 minutes before the doors open, I see HER in the back of the line. I am just getting my last ornament, when I am suddenly pinned down against the wall. I finally pry myself off of it to find HER, the entitled BITCH, clawing at me. I stand up and the following conversation takes place:

Me: Could you please act like you have half an ounce of class and stop pushing? Nobody else is pushing.
Her: Well, I want that ornament and you are in my way. It's the last one, hand it to me.
Me: You can wait your turn like everyone else, stop pushing.
Her: Just give me the ornament.
Me: You will have to wait.

At this point, she turns to the lady next to me and demands the ornament. The lady gives us both a second glance and slowly goes to get it for her. I quickly snatch the ornament and put it in my basket.

Her: Give that to me. I am going to call the police. It is mine, let me have it.
Me: You will have this ornament over my dead body. If you weren't so busy messing around at the craft store, you would have been here on time to get it yourself.
Her: I am calling the police.
Me: Go ahead, I would love to tell them about you assaulting me three times.

It goes back and forth a while. Someone in the back starts clapping because I won't let her have it. She even tells on me to the sales clerk. A small voice in the back of my head told me to break it and give it to her, but at this point, it now means something to me. You see, it's my trophy. Good prevails over evil trophy, and it will forever hang on my tree with the memory of how it came to me.