Saturday, July 19, 2008


So, I have tried to add links to various other person's blogs that I like to look at, because it is hard to have to keep typing in their entire addresses. I added them to the template on dashboard, and they are not showing up. I thought that I might have had a typo, so I copied and pasted, then just changed the name part... it is STILL not working. So, to those of you whose links do not show up.... that is why I haven't looked that much at your blogs.... and SORRY!! I am still working on it,.... but it is rather frustrating....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


To update the previous post, I learned that the Mexican consulate buried her children for free. No wonder she had PLENTY of money left over..... Makes me even more angry....

I was out patrolling Utah Lake on wave runners. I had returned to our boat of back-up persons (the State Parks guys) and was waiting for my sgt and other coworker to return. Well, here comes my sgt. He didn't realize how fast he was going and before I knew it, his wave runner was on top of my, I was jolted off of mine and landed with my back against the State Parks boat. I had to go to the ER and get a cat scan (guess what? I DO have a brain in there.) I am bruised up, and cannot sleep well. I also can hardly put pants on. Might look funny when I am in court tomorrow, so I will suffer through it. I prefer to not get a lewdness charge. :)

And, lastly, I am moving to a detectives position in the Sex Crimes unit, effective Saturday the 26th. This will be a very challenging, yet rewarding, position for me. And, there goes my overtime, so finances will be worse off.... so the kids had better start learning to do without. Luckily, I have been acquiring suits from thrift stores, so I have a few to get started with. I will now wear suits to work, and will switch to an unmarked vehicle. Kinda excited to not have to wear a vest to work, everyday!!

Friday, July 11, 2008


There was recently an accident in a local canyon that was one of the worst I have seen. Two children were ejected from the vehicle and killed. Their mother was the at-fault driver, and had pulled out in front of another vehicle. The mother had no driver's license, no insurance on her vehicle, and is in our country illegally. She drove a beat up 4 door sedan. During the accident, the officers endured a constant slew of foul language and insults from her while they struggled to attend, medically, to her injured children and her nephew that was later transported by life flight. The poor man she pulled out in front of was due more sympathy. He felt so wretched, even though it wasn't his fault, because he had just hit a car. (I also should mention, the kids were ejected from the car because she neglected to have them in seat belts, let alone the one required a car seat, and there wasn't one.)

Last night, the mother was driving down the road.... again with no license and no insurance. She had 4 warrants for her arrest, all for driving with no license and no insurance. This time, she was driving a Lincoln Escalade with souped up rims, leather interior, and the works. How did she afford this $80,000 vehicle? With the fund set up by the public for her at the bank, so she could bury her children. I guess there was some left over..... I just wanted to make the gullible public aware..... it makes me angry. There are others who try to help themselves that deserve this more than this lady.... Oh, and she had just left the jail where she had bailed her sister's husband out of jail. I am sure she had enough to post bail for herself.... so don't worry.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Why me?

I had resolved to do better at posting stuff, and then.....

Our air conditioner broke and make the floor in front of the heater SOAKING wet. I did what I could, but the padding under the carpet had to removed and carpet is STILL wet.....

To make it worse, I went downstairs to retrieve some Fourth of July decorations. I noticed a weird smell, and determined Chase's bedroom as the cause. I told him to deep clean it. He comes upstairs with some blankets, soaking wet and full of mold. He tells me that his wall is bubbled, black, and molded.... as is the carpet under his bed.

HELLLLOOOO? Do you not know when there is a TON of mold in your room? His clothes that were on the floor are ruined, as are the matresses in his room. I had a hard time finding someone that would insure our house, due to the pool. I am sure that it will be gone after this one. The plumber (who I called first) said he could not open the wall as all of the mold spores would dissipate all over the house.

So, I thought that they (the restoration company my insurance made me call) had already called the "mold specialist"who is required by law to take mold samples and make a plan to remove it...due to the fact that it is over 10 square feet. I thought that they had already cut the wall away, as there is a big sign stating you could not enter Chase's room. Well, it is still there.

The plumber cut a small hole, initially, and told me that he thought that it was the kitchen sink that was leaking, and to not use it for a while. So, we have been without a kitchen sink since Thursday. It is starting to get old. There are 8 people that eat here!! The mold guy came today, and it will take 2-3 days for him to finish the assessment and write the removal plan. It will be another 2-5 days actually getting it taken out.

They said they had not called the mold guy prior to today because they weren't sure if my insurance would cover it, or not. Well, DUH!! Even if they don't cover it, it has to be removed. I can't just lock up my basement and never go down there again. I am irritated, can you tell? The best news? My house insurance deductible is $1,000, the AC repair was almost $700, and he has to return next week to fix the AC because my duct work is too small, causing it to freeze up because the blower is working harder than it has to!! $$$$$ Grrrr, I cannot ever seem to have smooth sailing....

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Gotta love summer!!!

So, I love summer, but I don't necessarily like it in my uniform. That vest gets HOT!! I had to work at UVUtopia the other night, and they had these country singers there. YUCK!! So, I have no idea who they are, but it was Josh Gracon, Collin Raye, and Joe Nichols. Josh and Joe were easy on the eyes, Joe was tall, Josh was buff.... so I am backstage with them, helping someone who turned out to be Collin Raye's manager.

Josh Gracon started talking to me, and the girls at the perimeter were freaking out. Two girls were just standing there, and I asked him if he cold go over and take a photo with them since they were not being obnoxious. He told me to bring them back, if I wanted to. I went and got them, and took them backstage. He put his arms around them and I took pictures. They went back out. They were so grateful, it was my good deed for the day.

Afterwards, I got an invitation to his hotel room. I informed him that I was old and married. He tells me, "well, it's my drummer's room. He's older than me and I thought that you might want to come and hang out." I was a little offended, but then he explained that they all hang out in his room because it is a larger room. I know I am OLD, but geesh....... He also explained that they are all married, but people always come and hang out in their rooms.

He said they like to learn about the area, and was asking me questions about a recent fatal accident in Provo Canyon involving a female, BYU athelete. He told me he had researched the area a little, and always does before going to a new area. He was very nice, and went over and talked to a lot of the fans. Too bad it was country music. :)