Saturday, August 02, 2008

WV times

So, I am here in WV for my 20 year class reunion. There isn't much to do here, except for visit relatives. :) I am OK with that, but the kids have been bored and I hear about it often. I have learned that:

1. M** and Ab*** do NOT like the bugs at the playground.
2. However, M** and Ab** DO LOVE the fireflys. ( I call them lightning bugs. :) They like to catch and release them.
3. When in humid climates, it feels like you have to breath through peanut butter.
4. Time has NOT been good to all of us. There are people I used to hang out with that I did not even recognize. Some did not change at all!! (Skinny bitches!!)
5. It is nice to see what people have been doing, what they turned out like, and such. But, with a class of almost 600 people, there are a lot that I don't even know. The big dinner is tonight, in about an hour... so I had better get dressed.

We are leaving tomorrow afternoon for Charleston, SC, and after a few days we are off to Florida.