Monday, April 21, 2008

remodel again.....

So, I had to use my days off for the good of the house. I have to redo the white part of the fireplace. I am going to put slate and/or tile around it. But, I think it looks much better. I am making the curtains and some pillows to match because we got new couches but the pillows are the old ones that went with the other couch. Things are coming right along!!! The darker color is the new paint. I tore down the double chair rail and painted it with Ralph Lauren suede paint. I LOVE that paint!!

Monday, April 07, 2008

curtain... please....

I had a dilemma. I cannot afford blinds in the windows on the East side of my house, but in the spring and summer the sun heats up the house in the early morning, and the air conditioner struggles to catch up all day long. Sooooo..... my blessed friend, J***, offered to help me make some curtains. My hubby says that he never gets to decide anything about the inside of the house, so he chose the material. I sewed some of the sides (don't look closely at them, the sewing maching kinda got away from me sometimes.) :) But, I think that they look cute, and we can close them when it is warm to keep the morning sun out, but they are not so thick that no light can get in.

Now, if the weather would just get warm so I can test them out, I would appreciate it. I am sick of snow and cold!!! So, the first photo is after, and the second one is what it looked like before!! Please excuse the stuff on the table, I was sealing the counter tops and had to move everything. :)