Friday, December 26, 2008

after-Christmas sales!!

So, I got up nice and early this morning to hit the after Christmas sales. I must say, this year was MUCH less eventful than last year!! :) I got my Hallmark dated ornaments without any problems!! AND, I got some new sheets for our bed. I got a new purse and sweater I am returning, I don't need them and it's a waste of money right now. :) See?! I am being good!!

I am trying to be good, but it sure is hard!! We also saw the movie "Yes man" today, and it was pretty funny. I think we will take the little girls to the dollar theater tomorrow to see Beverly Hills Chiuahuaha... or however you spell that.... They have been asking to go! I will suffer through it for them!!

It is fun to watch the hubby enjoy his new Christmas gifts. I am glad he likes them. I got some new Cricut cartridges so I made some cards last night. That was fun. I love the holidays!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

So, this has been a great day.... so far. I am about to fix our big dinner that will last us through tomorrow. :) We started out going sledding. The 3 older girls were too lazy to get up and go with us. It was a BLAST. Then, we all went bowling. Brittany and Allie had to work, so we hurried home.

Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

So, last week I was thinking.... that it didn't quite feel like Christmas because there wasn't any snow. :) Looks like I got my wish, because I was wishing that it would snow so that there would be some snow on the ground for Christmas. Last year, we went sledding on Christmas Eve. I remember driving around looking for a sled, but not coming up with much. So, the 8 of us went sledding using the 2 sleds we did have, and we just took turns. It was fun, but this year everyone works on Christmas Eve, so looks like we won't get a repeat!! But don't worry, I bought more sleds when I found some, so if we do find time, we are good to go!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Just another manic Monday

Today is my mother-in-law's birthday. She is one of the nicest people I know. I remember being worried before I married my husband that she would hate me (because I had been married before and brought 4 children to the table with me.) She has never treated me, nor my children, any different than anyone else. She has always treated us like family, and with love and kindness. I am so grateful to have a great MIL like that.

If ANYONE in the world is deserving of some type of medal, it is her. She had taken on some trials in her life that has made her life manic, and she does it lovingly. (I might be bitter and overly-angry, but that is what makes her so great.)

I hope she can find the time, with caring for 5 small children that aren't her children, to enjoy her birthday. If not, maybe she can enjoy it later.

I had to take Miranda to the doctor today, she is sick. She was puking last weekend, this weekend she was coughing her head off. She is now on an antibiotic. I feel bad for her, but she still is in good humor. She even took her babydoll "Ross" to the doctor with her.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

M*** funny

So, M*** asks me, "Mom, how do Heavenly Father and Jesus make people?"

I told her it was through miracles.

So she asked, "Do they have magic wands for those?"

LOL, I guess they could have, but I doubt it!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas cookies...

So, we spent the day making cookies. I made 2 different kinds of chocolate chips, cranberry ones with oatmeal and white chips, and the peanut butter ones with the hershey's kisses. Tomorrow we do the sugar cookies. And, I made the rice krispy bars that are peanut butter flavored with the milk chocolate chips melted on top of it.

I am worn out!! It hurts your back to bend over the counter all day long!! All that effort, just to make us fat.... LOL! Christmas is a time of year to pig out!! :)

I am on call this week, so I got called out today. I was told I was looking for a gun. I grabbed a coat and took off. Little did I know, a horrible storm blew in. I didn't have gloves and was searching outside storage containers at an RV park, freezing to death!! I then went into the RV and searched there. I won't tell you what I touched!!! GAG!! I also found a bunch of drugs and other sickening things. The lead detective I was helping didn't search a single thing, he went to "process a scene." He returns as I finish searching the second RV to tell me that the gun wasn't missing after all, he found it in the nice, heated house he was in!!! Damn him!!!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

The tree is done!!!

So, we put the ornaments on the final tree. Every year the kids get a dated ornament from Hallmark. Ever since I was a single mother, I now get them the day after Christmas to save money. Last year, there was a little "incident" and that ornament now proudly hangs on this tree. :) The oldest one on the tree is from 1977, a tradition that my mother started when I was 7 years old. It is fun, but there is no longer room on the tree for all of the ornaments. I guess it is time for some kids to move out!! LOL
The rest of the house is decorated. Excuse the lazy dog sleeping on the folded laundry that Al*** has yet to put away!! And our stockings? They are MIA at the moment and nobody wants to climb in the crawl space and find them!! I will do it next weekend, when it is time to clean!!!
Last week, we got to see Native Minnow and his kids. My husband shared with NM's son, Togers, that he had lost a spelling bee in sixth grade because he spelled the hard words right but spelled believe as "beleive." He was so devastated that he cried on the stage, and cupped his hands under his face. His hands were all full of snot by the time it was over. My husband blew his chance to go to the advanced spelling bee.
If you cannot tell, the table that is decorated says "believe" in several places. Togers walked into my house and said, "what is up with all the stuff that says 'believe.' Is that so R*** can spell it right?" LOL, he has his dad's sense of humor!!!

Monday, December 01, 2008

That's my girl!!!

So, on Thanksgiving, my 8 year old A*** and my brother in law, Native Minnow (or NM from now on) had the following conversations:

NM: Hey (puts hand on middle of her back) how are you, A***?
A: Don't touch me..... and walks off. (Don't know where she gets the attitude from!!)

About an hour later.....

NM: A****, come check this out. (touches her arm)
A: Don't touch me.......

About another hour later.....

NM: A**** (touches her head)
A: I have told you 3 times now, don't touch me. It makes me uncomfortable.

LMAO, at least I taught her how to stand up for herself. But, that was supposed to be used on perverts and strangers, not poor Uncle NM!!!!!