Friday, June 19, 2009


Being on call sucks, in case anybody ever wondered! I was hoping to work on the tan this weekend, but it looks like the rain and crappy weather won't let me. What is with this weather? It is COLD and June is coming to a close. I want HOT weather.... HOT!!! I guess if it is raining, I will work on scrapbooking this weekend. I finally got a permanent place to put my stuff. (Thanks, Kaila.) LOL, if she moves back, it is staying put!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ta daaaa!!

Yeah, I haven't even looked at these in a LONG time. I have been swamped with stuff... so since I am fairly certain nobody will read this, I can pretty much write whatever I want, right?

Well, the twins graduated, my mom had emergency surgery and didn't get to come out for it. (Her retina detached from her eye, it has reconnected and is doing well.) My dad and his wife were out here for a while. I worked a little overtime last paycheck because Ryan's work was slow. Miranda broke her arm, but it was so long ago she gets the case off this Thursday.

The weather here has SUCKED. Cold and rainy a LOT. We brought home a new puppy, because we are retarded. It is a dachshund, and the little girls named her Penny.... which I find to be stupid. And Kaila moved out. She was going to be not allowed to live here anymore, and I was going to go buy her a summer contract at student housing, but she didn't want to live there so she left and went to live in SLC. I still haven't seen where she lives, but I saw her yesterday when I went out with her to help her look for jobs and helped her write a resume.

That is pretty much it. I am going mentally insane with irresponsible teenagers. I want to cry, throw up, and scream ..... all at the same time!! :)