Monday, August 07, 2006

day off and furniture woes

I would just like to say, for the record, that I need a day off!! I am trying to earn extra money to pay for school expenses and we need a new dresser for our I ordered two with the intention of getting the matching bed and nightstands later.

I searched for almost 3 months for furniture. I found a new chain called IM Home, and they have been great. But, I ordered what I wanted, and the armoire wouldn't fit up the stairs. I am sick of having random pieces of furniture, and they are all cheap and falling I wanted something durable. I am going to pay a guy to remove part of the bannister so we can get the armoire upstairs. I was going to just return the furniture and get different stuff, but I don't like the other stuff as well. I am depressed about the furniture, and not having a day off. :(

school fees are ridiculous!!!

School is quickly approaching, and I am feeling the downfall of so many school age children. School clothes and shoes were around $2,000, and two kids don't have school shoes, yet. Then, I got letters from the schools with the kids' student fees on them. I about had a heart attack!! The teenagers in high school had fees around $300 each, and the junior high kid was just under $200. What in the heck am I paying taxes for? We are one of the higher tax paying states, with next to the lowest national scores, and I have to pay even more.

Worse yet, it was itemized. I have to pay three different computer fees. Add that together with three kids with three different computer fees, and I have pretty much paid for my own computer!! Makes me sick!! I also have to pay to have my kids use textbooks, to use a locker, to park in the parking lot that my taxes have already paid for, etc. I am starting Christmas shopping as soon as I can, so I don't have to sell a kidney to get my kids each one gift!! :)