Monday, September 25, 2006

on the road again...

Well, I am sitting in Atlanta airport, my least favorite in the world!! I am on my way home. While I was gone, Chase broke his arm and Ryan wasn't able to be reached for a while, so that was exciting. I have to say that though I am exhausted from getting the tables and chairs set up, cooking, picking up things, washing laundry and dishes (sounds like I never left home) I am so grateful to have gone and spent some time with my family.

My poor aunt is not in good health. She and my uncle have been like second parents to me. I consider their house home more than any other besides my own. I miss them terribly. I think that I will drive out there for a while next summer. It was so great to see everyone and as my father commented, "well, we all got together, and someone didn't have to die to do it this time." It's sad, we usually all get together only when someone passes away and we have to attend a funeral.

Thanks to all those who made it possible for me to go and see my family.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

another vacation alone

I get to go and see my family in Florida this week. Though I am excited, I really wish that I could take Ryan and my kids with me. It's a bummer to go fun places that I want to share with my family, and I cannot afford to get them there. On the other hand, it is worse for Ryan, who has to stay home with the kids by himself.

I finally finished cutting out the silicone caulking. I will put my room back together tomorrow and get it cleaned up for Ryan while I am gone. I have to get to the grocery store and fix the fireplace switch before I leave so they don't freeze while I am gone. I wish they could come....

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

major painting blunder

So, on my last few days off, I painted 3 rooms in the house. I had three days off, and decided to paint my bedroom. I listen to this coworker of mine, and he tells me that he just finished painting his entire house. He rants and raves about how putting caulking around the edges makes this perfect line and seals the tape, so I decide to try it. He tells me to use silicone caulking. I get some and put it on.

I spend two days prepping and painting the bedroom. It looks great. I go to pull the caulking off, and it is stuck. He had warned me to goop it up in the corners really well so I have something to grab on to when I remove it, so I do. It is so stuck, you can't paint it, I can't sand it off, pull it off, nothing. I call another coworker and ask him about how to get it off, and he tells me the only way is either a solvent that will eat the paint and drywall, or I have to cut it off.

So here I am, cutting it off with a utility knife. It's killing my arms! At least I just put it on the crown moulding and chair rail, and not the baseboard, too. What a pain in the butt!! I am not a happy camper for the extra work. I called the one who told me to use it. He offered to come and help me, and buy me more paint. I told him to forget it, maybe my arm muscles will grow from cutting over my head? I just want to finish it before I head back East to visit my family.

Monday, September 11, 2006

life ends with momentary lapse of responsibility

Well, I went with Ryan and Kaila to Wal-Mart Saturday night, and it's the last time I saw my planner. Not that I blame myself, because I DO!! However, when one is experiencing sensory overload.... it is difficult to stay on task. I had it at the checkout counter. Then, Ryan was griping that it wasn't fun, wished he hadn't come, etc. Kaila is bugging me to drive home, ...etc. I thought to grab my planner out of the cart when either Ryan or Kaila said, "we already got it," and shoved the cart out of my way. They didn't mean my planner, they meant that they got everything else.
I have spent the day calling the social security administration (because everyone's social security numbers were in there) and they told me that I had to call the credit reporting agency. I did, and they won't take one for a minor unless I mail in all this stuff. What a hassle!!
Not only that, but I had written down what bills were due this week, my work schedule that I have no clue about, dentist appointments that I cannot recall, all my addresses, all my accounts and passwords (which I stayed up until 1:00 AM changing,) and countless other bits of information that cannot be replaced.
Worst of all, my grandmother had written me a letter. She has arthiritis, and doesn't hand write many things. It was just after her visit with us last July, and I wanted to put it in my scrapbook. I am devastated about that one. She said how much she enjoyed her visit, how great the kids are, and how much she loves us all. I pray it will turn up somewhere, but I am sure it is long gone.
Well, I have to go to work soon,....I I had better get ready. Although I am not sure where it is out there, I hope my planner knows that I miss it very much!!

Friday, September 08, 2006


Does anyone have any opinions or good information to read on investing? I anticipate paying off our debts soon, and we are interested in investing for retirement purposes, and a savings account for emergencies. I don't know much about it, just what I have read online. Does anyone have any advice, or know of any good literature on the subject?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

evil emerges with sleep deprivation

Well, my evil side reared its ugly head today. I worked for 19.5 hours last night, then came home extremely sleep deprived. I was super-grouchy! I wanted to go to bed, but I had to patch our wall as I am painting tomorrow. Ryan is upset that I am even painting tomorrow, but I wanted to patch the wall, and I hate the bottom color, so I want to get it painted so there wasn't a hole in the wall.

Anyway, I hoped to have my room taped and ready to start in the morning. It isn't, and I asked Ryan to help me as I want to try caulking it with silicone to prevent my tape from tearing off the paint as happened in the bathroom I just painted. I just needed help on the area next to the ceiling as I have to hold a big cauling gun up over my head, and our room is rather large. He wasn't thrilled about it, and told me I would be mad if he didn't.

I just painted three rooms my last days off, and not once did I ever act mad except when I was trying to paint by the internet connectiond and Ryan was too close to the wall so I couldn't get close enough to paint it. I love the way it looks. It's amazing how much a little paint will change the atmosphere of a room. I can't wait to have my room painted. But, I will try to get some sleep in the process, I was crabby today. :) I called and ordered the paint, and Ryan picked it up for me. Thanks Ryan!! :)

Monday, September 04, 2006


Well, something new today...we had a geyser in our front yard. There is a pvc pipe that sticks up out of the ground and runs from our irrigation water. Somebody broke it, but Chase and his friend that were out playing by it SWEAR that it was just like that when they went outside.

To make matters worse, we didn't have a key to shut off the water valve, and we couldn't find it anyway. Our neighbors came over and loaned us a key and showed us where it was. Luckily, because it was starting to leak down into the window well. Now I get to pay to fix that. Does it ever end? I know it doesn't, but I am grateful because it could have been worse!!

it's always something

Well, I actually got a few days off, and decided to paint my front room as I didn't like the paint in it and it is the first room you see when you walk into the house. I was moving the desk when the bottom collapsed and broke. Instead of being able to order the bed I really want, I now have to buy a new desk. It is always something coming up that requires my last dime. What a bummer. At least it is a tax deduction as Ryan works from home and that makes it a business expense.
It will take four weeks to get it in, so in the meantime our computer is sitting on two card tables. We have an ancient monitor, and we will replace that on Friday when the one we want goes on sale at Costco. It's a flat screen and will allow the computer to fit onto the new desk. Ryan also went out and got a fax machine after he had to spend $20 sending one fax to a Doctor he works with. And, he had to get a digital voice recorder. Now if he just gets his first check, it will pay for all of that.

I had extra money saved up, and the some kid will get sick and the doctor bill will eat it all up, or the car breaks, or the toilet leaks and ruins my newly refinished hardwood floors, school fees were ridiculous, etc. It's always something. On a positive note, I am grateful that I can work overtime to accommodate the shortfallings in our budget!! I will paint our bedroom on my next few days off, wish me luck!!