Thursday, September 07, 2006

evil emerges with sleep deprivation

Well, my evil side reared its ugly head today. I worked for 19.5 hours last night, then came home extremely sleep deprived. I was super-grouchy! I wanted to go to bed, but I had to patch our wall as I am painting tomorrow. Ryan is upset that I am even painting tomorrow, but I wanted to patch the wall, and I hate the bottom color, so I want to get it painted so there wasn't a hole in the wall.

Anyway, I hoped to have my room taped and ready to start in the morning. It isn't, and I asked Ryan to help me as I want to try caulking it with silicone to prevent my tape from tearing off the paint as happened in the bathroom I just painted. I just needed help on the area next to the ceiling as I have to hold a big cauling gun up over my head, and our room is rather large. He wasn't thrilled about it, and told me I would be mad if he didn't.

I just painted three rooms my last days off, and not once did I ever act mad except when I was trying to paint by the internet connectiond and Ryan was too close to the wall so I couldn't get close enough to paint it. I love the way it looks. It's amazing how much a little paint will change the atmosphere of a room. I can't wait to have my room painted. But, I will try to get some sleep in the process, I was crabby today. :) I called and ordered the paint, and Ryan picked it up for me. Thanks Ryan!! :)

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