Monday, September 11, 2006

life ends with momentary lapse of responsibility

Well, I went with Ryan and Kaila to Wal-Mart Saturday night, and it's the last time I saw my planner. Not that I blame myself, because I DO!! However, when one is experiencing sensory overload.... it is difficult to stay on task. I had it at the checkout counter. Then, Ryan was griping that it wasn't fun, wished he hadn't come, etc. Kaila is bugging me to drive home, ...etc. I thought to grab my planner out of the cart when either Ryan or Kaila said, "we already got it," and shoved the cart out of my way. They didn't mean my planner, they meant that they got everything else.
I have spent the day calling the social security administration (because everyone's social security numbers were in there) and they told me that I had to call the credit reporting agency. I did, and they won't take one for a minor unless I mail in all this stuff. What a hassle!!
Not only that, but I had written down what bills were due this week, my work schedule that I have no clue about, dentist appointments that I cannot recall, all my addresses, all my accounts and passwords (which I stayed up until 1:00 AM changing,) and countless other bits of information that cannot be replaced.
Worst of all, my grandmother had written me a letter. She has arthiritis, and doesn't hand write many things. It was just after her visit with us last July, and I wanted to put it in my scrapbook. I am devastated about that one. She said how much she enjoyed her visit, how great the kids are, and how much she loves us all. I pray it will turn up somewhere, but I am sure it is long gone.
Well, I have to go to work soon,....I I had better get ready. Although I am not sure where it is out there, I hope my planner knows that I miss it very much!!

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Inside Stories said...

That is so terrible! Just what you did not need. I hope some nice person will return it to you soon!