Monday, September 04, 2006

it's always something

Well, I actually got a few days off, and decided to paint my front room as I didn't like the paint in it and it is the first room you see when you walk into the house. I was moving the desk when the bottom collapsed and broke. Instead of being able to order the bed I really want, I now have to buy a new desk. It is always something coming up that requires my last dime. What a bummer. At least it is a tax deduction as Ryan works from home and that makes it a business expense.
It will take four weeks to get it in, so in the meantime our computer is sitting on two card tables. We have an ancient monitor, and we will replace that on Friday when the one we want goes on sale at Costco. It's a flat screen and will allow the computer to fit onto the new desk. Ryan also went out and got a fax machine after he had to spend $20 sending one fax to a Doctor he works with. And, he had to get a digital voice recorder. Now if he just gets his first check, it will pay for all of that.

I had extra money saved up, and the some kid will get sick and the doctor bill will eat it all up, or the car breaks, or the toilet leaks and ruins my newly refinished hardwood floors, school fees were ridiculous, etc. It's always something. On a positive note, I am grateful that I can work overtime to accommodate the shortfallings in our budget!! I will paint our bedroom on my next few days off, wish me luck!!

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