Tuesday, September 12, 2006

major painting blunder

So, on my last few days off, I painted 3 rooms in the house. I had three days off, and decided to paint my bedroom. I listen to this coworker of mine, and he tells me that he just finished painting his entire house. He rants and raves about how putting caulking around the edges makes this perfect line and seals the tape, so I decide to try it. He tells me to use silicone caulking. I get some and put it on.

I spend two days prepping and painting the bedroom. It looks great. I go to pull the caulking off, and it is stuck. He had warned me to goop it up in the corners really well so I have something to grab on to when I remove it, so I do. It is so stuck, you can't paint it, I can't sand it off, pull it off, nothing. I call another coworker and ask him about how to get it off, and he tells me the only way is either a solvent that will eat the paint and drywall, or I have to cut it off.

So here I am, cutting it off with a utility knife. It's killing my arms! At least I just put it on the crown moulding and chair rail, and not the baseboard, too. What a pain in the butt!! I am not a happy camper for the extra work. I called the one who told me to use it. He offered to come and help me, and buy me more paint. I told him to forget it, maybe my arm muscles will grow from cutting over my head? I just want to finish it before I head back East to visit my family.

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PsychoIntern said...

That sucks...it didn't look that bad though and you could have left it..