Monday, February 20, 2006


I have been working a ton of overtime, and I am TIRED. We don't get overtime until we work 86 hours in a two week period, and as of today I have 45 hours of overtime on this next check. It should be a good one, I am crossing my fingers that I have enough to pay off the Mastercard. Oh, the things we NEED!! :)

Friday, February 17, 2006

stupid drivers

I had a call the other day, while working on patrol, where a guy was dying. They dispatched myself and medical, which they commonly do because one of us is bound to get there first to begin first aid, and it is usually me. Running with lights and sirens, I am bounding down the freeway at 110+MPH, and some retarded moron cuts in front of me. This is common, I am used to it. Often I follow people for quite a while before they realize, "Oh crap, it's the cops" and move over. On occasion, I will follow someone for over a mile before they realize it. I am slowed down, and switching between 3 siren tones while blowing an air horn to try to get their attention. So, with a guy dying.....I follow a guy for 5 (FIVE) miles. His girlfriend is reclined in the passenger seat, he is leaning way over and can barely see over the dashboard. They are all into each other, he is swerving all over the road. What an idiot!! I am so frustrated, if I was only armed with front loading/deploying torpedo launchers, he would no longer be contaminating the gene pool.


I have been displaced from my family for this year, and I have to say that though I am sure that it has been harder on my husband because he is stuck with all the kids.....I am having a rough time!! I hate being away from the kids, but will readily admit the break from dealing with their daily squabbling has been nice. I am feeling guilty because my husband is doing it by himself, guilty for enjoying the time away a little bit, and missing them....all at the same time!! I will be glad when we are all together again, and this year is a distant memory!

murder response

I had a guy in jail that had blown his wife's head off with a shotgun coming over to my desk and trying to intimidate me. He would always stare me down and try to scare my by making comments about his deceased wife. For example, others would complain about writing letters to their wives, and he would comment that he didn't have to worry about it, and then laugh hysterically. He was creepy. He came over to my desk while I was sitting there and said to me, "you know, you remind me of my wife." I replied, "Really, with, or without, her head." I was training some new people, and needless to say some of the females did not return. :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

guy screws mother

So, obviously, I am a deputy sheriff. I know a guy that is always in jail that was found having sex with his step-mother. I have to take a report from him, and find that his biological mother has stolen his car while he was in jail and stripped it for parts. He wants to press charges against her, so I go and arrest her for a felony car theft. When he asks what I thought about it, I asked him how it felt to screw both of his mothers. Is that bad? :)