Monday, December 01, 2008

That's my girl!!!

So, on Thanksgiving, my 8 year old A*** and my brother in law, Native Minnow (or NM from now on) had the following conversations:

NM: Hey (puts hand on middle of her back) how are you, A***?
A: Don't touch me..... and walks off. (Don't know where she gets the attitude from!!)

About an hour later.....

NM: A****, come check this out. (touches her arm)
A: Don't touch me.......

About another hour later.....

NM: A**** (touches her head)
A: I have told you 3 times now, don't touch me. It makes me uncomfortable.

LMAO, at least I taught her how to stand up for herself. But, that was supposed to be used on perverts and strangers, not poor Uncle NM!!!!!


Sal Gal said...

Funny, good for her!

BTW, I saw Twilight again...SO much better the 2nd time!

Amber said...

That IS funny!! Maybe she's been reading NM blog LOL j/k.