Sunday, December 07, 2008

The tree is done!!!

So, we put the ornaments on the final tree. Every year the kids get a dated ornament from Hallmark. Ever since I was a single mother, I now get them the day after Christmas to save money. Last year, there was a little "incident" and that ornament now proudly hangs on this tree. :) The oldest one on the tree is from 1977, a tradition that my mother started when I was 7 years old. It is fun, but there is no longer room on the tree for all of the ornaments. I guess it is time for some kids to move out!! LOL
The rest of the house is decorated. Excuse the lazy dog sleeping on the folded laundry that Al*** has yet to put away!! And our stockings? They are MIA at the moment and nobody wants to climb in the crawl space and find them!! I will do it next weekend, when it is time to clean!!!
Last week, we got to see Native Minnow and his kids. My husband shared with NM's son, Togers, that he had lost a spelling bee in sixth grade because he spelled the hard words right but spelled believe as "beleive." He was so devastated that he cried on the stage, and cupped his hands under his face. His hands were all full of snot by the time it was over. My husband blew his chance to go to the advanced spelling bee.
If you cannot tell, the table that is decorated says "believe" in several places. Togers walked into my house and said, "what is up with all the stuff that says 'believe.' Is that so R*** can spell it right?" LOL, he has his dad's sense of humor!!!


Delirious said...

Everything looks really nice! But poor R... :)

Inside Stories said...

Your decorations look beautiful, but it is funny you have believe sitting out!

Amber said...

The house looks wonderful, so pretty and Christmasy!! :)

Sal Gal said...

I love your decorations!! We need to go out again!

Trish said...

Your family is growing to damn fast!! and when ever you want to run away just let me know..