Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas cookies...

So, we spent the day making cookies. I made 2 different kinds of chocolate chips, cranberry ones with oatmeal and white chips, and the peanut butter ones with the hershey's kisses. Tomorrow we do the sugar cookies. And, I made the rice krispy bars that are peanut butter flavored with the milk chocolate chips melted on top of it.

I am worn out!! It hurts your back to bend over the counter all day long!! All that effort, just to make us fat.... LOL! Christmas is a time of year to pig out!! :)

I am on call this week, so I got called out today. I was told I was looking for a gun. I grabbed a coat and took off. Little did I know, a horrible storm blew in. I didn't have gloves and was searching outside storage containers at an RV park, freezing to death!! I then went into the RV and searched there. I won't tell you what I touched!!! GAG!! I also found a bunch of drugs and other sickening things. The lead detective I was helping didn't search a single thing, he went to "process a scene." He returns as I finish searching the second RV to tell me that the gun wasn't missing after all, he found it in the nice, heated house he was in!!! Damn him!!!


Sal Gal said...

Yum! I want some goodies!

And, you don't get paid enough!

deputymomof6 said...

YOU don't get paid enough!! I could not do what you do!!