Sunday, September 07, 2008

maybe things are looking up?

So, the guy came to cut a carpet sample so they could replace it with the original carpeting. They cut a one foot square out of the room next to Chase's room. :) Soooo, they are now replacing the carpet in the hallway and that weird I-have-no-idea-what-kind-of-room-this-is room next to his for free!! That is where the damage was from the last flood and I was just going to have them replace the padding and clean the carpet. Sweet.

Also, the Yardley's received a fresh bout of beef from their family and didn't have enough room in their freezer for it all. We were the lucky recipients of a lot of beef!! (I had looked into buying half of one to save money, but it was nearly $700 for half!!!) So, maybe things are looking up.

Lastly.... and this kinda irritates me... we have these incentive programs at work for our health insurance. It requires that we do quarterly activities. If you participate in the competition ones... which are more work than the seminars, then you get put in a drawing at the end. I always sign up hubby and do all of his tracking for him so I get the bonus in my check. (They give us $20 for employees and $10 for spouses to participate as a way of reimbursement for the ultra-high deductible we have every year.) Anyway, there is always a drawing for prizes at the end of the competitions for various prizes ranging from water bottles to VISA giftcards. Well, hubby won a $100 gift card in May, and he won another one this time!! He graciously told me I could have it to buy myself an anniversary gift. :)

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