Tuesday, September 09, 2008

media makes me mad

So, I arrested a guy on Friday. The media sees his booking sheet and the charges. This was a delayed rape case. They assume it just happened and it is all over the news with inaccurate facts reported in conjunction with it. That is so annoying. And, I requested he have a high bail as he is faces the same charges and worse in 2 other jurisdictions, and his bail is only $10,000. He can get $1,000 and get out. That is not high!! Work can be so frustrating.


Native Minnow said...

I forgot to take a look at your code like you asked me to - sorry about that. Of course, now that I'm thinking about it, it's been long enough for me to forget your login name and password (ok, just the password). Email me the link info and I'll see if I can get it added on there.

Sal Gal said...

I'm sorry! That stinks!