Monday, September 01, 2008

Enough is enough

So, since July 3 I have had 3 house floods. (A kitchen sink pipe broke and molded out Chase's room, an irrigation pipe burst, and hot water heater flooded right outside of Chase's room.) Of course, the first flood reported to my home insurance has a $1000 deductible.. and they threw away a lot of Chase's things... including his mattresses... then told me my insurance will not cover contents for mold. On top of that was the repair bill also not covered by insurance. The second was only the cost of the repair and no damage occurred except that it happened on the first day of my 2 1/2 week vacation.

Also on that first day, my cell phone broke. It would make no audible noises so I could not hear the guy calling to tell me that it had broken and was filling up the window wells. We got that taken care of. The lawnmower broke. We even tried to borrow one to mow yard, but neighbors were using theirs. Ryan's starter went out on his car. Then the hot water heater busted. I sucked up over 7 buckets of water and tried to dry it out with fans. I am not sure if what I did was sufficient, but I am trying to not have another claim. I will have to pay for the padding to be replaced myself.

I also painted Chase's room myself. They did not bother to tell me that I had to order new carpet for his room. So, we still have not put his room back together. Some of his room contents got wet during the other flood. It is annoying. Then, K*** took the van offroad where I told her to NEVER take the van.... and she put a 4 inch gash in one of the tires. First she could not find the spare, then found it but it was flat, so hubby had to go get the tire, take it down and replace it, and return up there. That little stunt will cause me 2 tires and an alignment. What else? I cannot handle any more. Hence, I worked alcohol shifts all weekend long to try to pay for the "misfortunes." UGH!!!!


Amber said...

oh man!! that is some hard core bad luck!! Well let's hope the worst is over and your good luck returns soon! So sorry!!

Inside Stories said...

We must have a family curse!

deputymomof6 said...

Oh... I forgot to mention that the kitchen faucet also broke. Ryan and I replaced it ourselves... I hope that PREVENTED another flood!! Faucets are not cheap!!

Laura said...

When it rains, it pours. Or should I say when it floods, it pours. What a nightmare. Hopefully, as you said, all those major blessings will be hitting soon.