Friday, June 27, 2008

Home again....

Well, I survived the week with the girls. I am worn out, though!! I am glad we came home when we did, they didn't really start making crazy until the last day. They were pretty good, for the most part. I was just the taxi cab.

While I was gone, I was pondering some embarassing and humiliating things my kids have said, out loud, in public....

Mi*** (pointing at a man in Wal-Mart and yelling really LOUD) "look at that man, mom. He is UGLY. Do you see the UGLY man, mom?

A** (when she was 2 years old, and at the beach, a little african-american girl says "hi" to her) "Mom!! That monkey said hi to me." (just let me die now, I thought... as her dad headed my way with an angry look on his face)

B** and A** used to always offer this proposal when going through a fast food drive through "Do you want to come home with us and be our dad?"

K**, age 2, "look at that lady mom, she has a biggy, biggy butt." It WAS HUGE!!

There are numerous more, but those were the worst that came to mind. :) Gotta love what comes out of their mouths, sometimes.


Sal Gal said...

LOL and WOW! I am shocked at what kids say, but I also laugh a little.

Amber said...

you really do just want to hide your head in shame sometimes or scream - "I really didn't raise them that way!" LOL