Tuesday, December 26, 2006

maybe i ruined christmas?

I had to take an animal detail at work because the animal control officers get the holidays off. Just that night, during dinner, my children were asking me for a small dog like one we used to have. As fate would have it, the animal I had to pick up was just like it. It was adorable.

I had limited options as to what to do with the dog. I could not put it in the outside kennel we have for use when animal control is off. It was 9 degrees outside, and there are holes in it that a small dog can fit through. This dog weighs about 5 pounds.

I could not take it to the shelter, they are closed until Tuesday. And, I fell in love it, so I took it home. The kids are in love with it. I thought that our other dog would use it as a chew toy, but it has not.

The dog was well groomed and maintained, so I am sure that it belongs to someone who might have been out of town and may very well be looking for it. I have searched the lost and found ads, put up some pictures of it locally, and will contact the shelters tomorrow. If nobody claims it, we will keep it. If someone does claim it, my kids are going to be so sad, and so will I.

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Anonymous said...

too bad it was implanted with a microchip. ;)