Wednesday, November 22, 2006

productive day....

I have to say that today was productive, I got most of the Christmas decorations up. Hubby was gone with his brother the entire time, so he got out of it. The kids were excited as we didn't have a tree last year and spent the day at a hotel. (It wasn't fun at all.) Everyone in CA living around us came to the conclusion that Mormons don't believe in Christmas.

My mother started a few Christmas traditions.... every year she bought us dated Hallmark ornaments. I have some from the 70's, and continued the tradition with our kids. I am missing one from the oldest from 1992, I hope it turns up. It's fun, but the kids are always fighting about who has what, so I took the time to label them this year.

Everything is mostly done except for the ceremonial hanging of the beloved Hallmark ornaments on the main tree, which we will do on Friday. I need another tree for the living room with the fireplace. I may wait until the day after..... We all also just noticed that the tree we have used for the last 17 years is smaller than we remember..... but it still looks OK. Maybe the day after Christmas I will get two more trees....HUMMMM?? Even though there won't be much under the trees, the house looks cute after years of accumulating Christmas decor. Fun.

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