Monday, November 27, 2006

life is too short....

Yesterday, a cousin of mine was taken off life support and passed away. He was only 22 years old. He had been driving on wet roads and skid out of control, then hit a telephone pole and a tree. When the ambulance arrived, his heart was still beating but he was not breathing. He had broken his back and neck in 6 different places. He was put on life support, but the injury to his brain was too severe.

Please......WEAR YOUR SEATBELTS!!! He wasn't wearing his, or he might just still be alive!! My heart goes out to my family in this time of loss. What a tragedy.


Inside Stories said...

That is a tragedy and I am so sorry! I am a seat belt believer.

Anonymous said...

Even though we never had cars with seatbelts growing up... :)

We used to sit 7 people in the cab of the truck (and it wasn't even extended cab)...and we had a van that had no seatbelts. We would just put down the seat and recline on them... :) I guess we were lucky we never had an accident.