Wednesday, November 15, 2006

life is about to improve?

Well, congrats to Ryan on finishing his dissertation!! I believe that life is about to improve for all of us. :) I get to work less overtime, once we catch up, and Ryan gets to have a real, normal life. I am sooo excited, but surely not as excited as Ryan.

On another on the airplane, there was a lady that was sooo huge.....she could barely fit in the aisle. She went to the restroom, but didn't lock the door. Some poor, unsuspecting man opened the door on her. (Though I am not sure how he got the door open.) I heard him gasp, and apologize. I am sure he is going to need some therapy. I was going to give him Ryan's number..... :)

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PsychoIntern said...

That would require some long-term therapy I am sure...