Saturday, November 25, 2006

maniacs at the mall.....

I have to say that the day after Thanksgiving sales are about a madhouse. Is it really worth the pulling of hair, the scratching out of eyes, the gnashing of teeth to save $10 on a Christmas toy?

A Mervyn's employee of mine said that there were 1,000 people there at opening to get some MP3 players that were really crappy, but CHEAP, and they were running UP the DOWN escalator. Some lady almost fell, so he hit the emergency stop button to prevent injuries, but it gave everyone running up it a nice jolt.

Target had some cheap Lego sets, and people were nearly killing each other to get them. How ridiculous!!

I did get a "free" tree at Home Depot that I am very happy about. It was $29.99 and I get a $30 gift certificate from them in the mail. That is cool.

The kids and I finished decorating, and I am done shopping except for a few minor things. I have six days off coming next week, I have to wrap presents before the kids see them. I have to finish some scrapbooking gifts, then I can sit back and enjoy the holiday season. I do enjoy the giving atmosphere of the season, but I don't like how commercialism has kinda taken over.

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