Sunday, February 25, 2007

new job assignment

Well, I can hardly stand sitting around my house, it is driving me insane. :) I tried to do some stuff on Saturday, but totally overdid it. Oh well...... I have two more weeks off to recover.

That said, when I return to work I will be doing light duty stuff for a while. Then, I have two weeks of a Drug Recognition Expert class. When I finish that, my work call number changes as does my job assignment. I have been assigned to a contract city for a while, but I will be moving to a canyon team. The difference is that I am not dispatched to calls, I am out there for proactive work, only.

I am honored to be given this position. It is a highly sought-after position, and I was given it due to a good work ethic and good work in general. It also comes with some stress as they expect you to produce a lot of drug and alcohol arrests. Usually, this isn't too hard in the canyons. I am excited to have a new assignment, and I will be working with a great team. If and when I can ever get my butt off of this couch........

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