Friday, February 02, 2007

My mother's sister

My mother called to inform me that her sister is dying. She called to tell me the same thing in 1998, and it was the same sister. She has a brain tumor. This sister of hers is mildly retarded, and has brought forth into this world two children that also had mental handicaps. My grandmother raised the daughter, and her son was raised by her. I am not sure how long his criminal history currently is, but he is somewhere in his twenties.

Growing up, I never saw her. I walked right past her once, she was ringing the Salvation Army bell outside the mall. I didn't even recognize her. She would call my mother every year at Christmas to see if my mother could drop off gifts to her house, and give her some cash. Otherwise, we never saw or heard from her. It's sad really. The only job I ever knew of her having was an illegal one.

Society really has no help in place for people like her. I always thought that she had such a sad life. Living off welfare and not really aware of what was going on around her. Since 1998, she has lived in a nursing home as she has been unable to care for herself. I feel sad for her that her whole life has seemed lacking of something. Maybe it isn't obvious to her, so maybe she doesn't even care. I feel bad for her, there is so much to enjoy from life, and she never really did any of it due to her mental state.

I also feel bad that I know she is going to pass away, and she is my aunt. Yet, I don't really feel a sadness for her. I am almost happy for her that she can have a much better existence after she passes away. She won't be miserable and cooped up inside of a nursing home with the hum drum of routine every day. I hope she passes away peacefully, when she does, and that she enjoys a hereafter much better than the present has given her. More importantly, I hope that my grandmother can deal with it OK. I can't imagine having a child of mine pass away before I do. My grandmother has watched two husbands, and several of her children pass away in infancy. May God give her strength and watch over her.

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