Friday, March 17, 2006

ridiculous airline rationale

The airlines rationalization for things just floors me. For example, I put two suitcases into one on recent trip, knowing I would need the space on the way back. I went to check it in, and it was overweight by 5 lbs. I thought that I was making is easier on the airline, they only had to deal with one bag. I was so wrong. I had to either pay an extra $75, or separate the two suitcases. So, now I had to check two bags which took more manpower to load and unload, and the two bags took up more room in the luggage compartment. How stupid is that?

Also, they have lowered the weight on allowable luggage so much (it used to be 75 lbs, now it is 50) that I can't even fill it up with just clothing without it weighing too much. Also, how is it that my luggage is weighed and scrutinized to the pound, but I weigh about 130, but the man or woman next to me is over 300lbs and "leaks" over into my seat. Why don't they have to pay extra? It kills me. I hate flying these days, good thing it beats driving. However, with the new price hikes from Delta, the only non-stop airline between my two cities, I may just start driving!! It will be cheaper, that is for sure.


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PsychoIntern said...

Hope you enjoyed your cruise...