Wednesday, March 08, 2006

working out

I have been working out faithfully for over three months. I try to heed my husband's counsel and not worship the scales, but rather go by how I look in the mirror and how my clothes are fitting. In addition, I have been trying to eat healthy foods rather than fast foods, even though my coworkers are mocking me and ordering just a water when we meet for meals. "I'll just take a water, hold the salad." I am a woman in a man's profession. Anyway, I am not losing weight, my pants are getting tighter around the waist, and I am totally ready to give up. I do cardio 6 times a week for at least half an hour, and lift weights at least twice a week. On most days, I do over 45 minutes of cardio. What gives? I may as well just sit at home and eat what I want, I didn't gain weight that way. I was just trying to get rid of the stomache pouch and big legs/butt for bathing suit season, but it isn't working and I am very discouraged.

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PsychoIntern said...

Yeah...try that sitting at home thing...I bet that would work wonders. :)