Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My quirks and peeves....

I was inspired by Delirious to list my quirks.... and there are many....

1. I don't like germs... but I am most a freak about lip germs. I don't even like my kids drinking after me. I am the biggest freak about my chapstick. I am addicted to chapstick, and I have a paranoia of getting a cold sore. I DON'T like people using my chapstick, so don't ask. If you HAVE to use it, keep it. I won't use it again.

2. I LOATHE a dirty house. With that said, mine is usually dirty, putting me in a bad mood. I cannot work more than full time, and keep up a house after 8 people, most of whom have never learned to pick up after themselves. I look forward to the day my household is a manageable size and/or I can afford to hire a maid. :) My quirk in regard to this is that everything has a place, and when it isn't there.. I nearly go insane. If things would get put back in the same place, every time, nobody would ever waste time looking for things.

3. One of my pet peeves is my socks getting wet. This is particularly true in the bathroom when someone has recently showered, but also happens when kids track in water from sprinklers or snow. Or, I have to take out the garbage so I walk out in socks and get it wet outside.

4. I hate drivers that drive in the left lane and are not passing anyone. I usually turn on my red and blue lights to force them over, then glare at them as I drive past. Sometimes I pull them over and chew them out. It is, after all, against the law to be on the left side of any car unless you are passing, or are within 300 feet of making a left turn. It is also just rude, and causes most of our fatal accidents because cars passing them on right are merging with cars legally passing on the left and the crash in the middle.

5. I hate procrastination. I don't do it, and it drives me nuts when other people do it. It causes me stress FOR them.

There are countless other, but since I am so perfect, I can get mad at those who don't rise to the same standard!! LOL


Amber said...

I love it and I agree! I hate sharing my drinks or food with the kids, but I do it because I feel mean if I don't (though I love to use the "no you can't have caffeine" excuse) LOL

Sal Gal said...

You're funny!

Epitome of Sweetness said...

Scott's pet peeve is people who sit in the left lane. It drives him crazy.
I hate it how people in Utah don't know how to should be every other car, in my opinion..but people speed up, won't let people in, and it's ridiculous.
I hate it when my socks get wet, too. HATE that.
Don't come visit me, if you hate that nothing is put in it's place. We are so crowded upstairs that until the basement gets done, our stuff doesn't have a space.

deputymomof6 said...

Other people's messes don't bother me. Just mine because when I need something I can't find it because it isn't put away, and it stresses me because I know that I will have to be the one to put it away and clean because nobody else will.