Monday, March 12, 2007

we are white trash.....

Our next to the youngest daughter had a project to do for school where she had to make a "contraption" to catch a leprechaun. It gave a diagram example of a mousetrap sort of thing. (A treat to lure the leprechaun, and over it a cage to catch it when it was lured to the treat.)

My husband decided to help her do this, so he got some pennies and glued them onto a piece of cardboard. Then, he took duct tape and placed it around the pennies. It's a different kind of mouse trap, like sticky traps. She may get a prize for creativity, but it looks sad. I could hear the banjo playing in the background while he was making it. :)

He reminded me of the catapult one of our other kids had to make. We waited until the last minute, and my husband was busy with school. My hubby wadded up newpaper and taped it together to make the catapult. These were lovingly displayed at the next parent-teacher conference. My husband said there were ones made out of metal and wood with all sorts of fancy levers and things, and then our sons was there with his taped up newpaper. He sad it was the sadest thing and he was so embarassed. But, did he learn a lesson from this? I guess not, he is doing it again to our daughter. I will make her another one, to save her the embarassment.

I made another one with her. It wasn't the best either, so I can see that my West Virginia days weren't in vain!! At least we took the time to make something with her....that really is the point, isn't it?

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PsychoIntern said...

Damn...that is some fine workmanship on the duct tape would actually capture a leprechaun. :)